Monday, May 31, 2010

Not gone nor forgotten...

Just to say at 1:30am drunk on whiskey, I am here & will post when sober lol

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Rain & Sun Which Formed a Coloured Bow

I was very lucky today to see three perfect rainbows.  I went out with my stills camera & movie camera to film & photo the huge finch flocks & golden plover flocks which are currently in the daytime taking advantage of the barren fields, as they do every winter.  Luckily there was a break in the clouds & taking these photos I managed to stay dry, but no more then a mile away from me some we're getting extremely wet!

The white building is the cottage, now sadly empty, hoping to rent it out as holiday lets

I've never seen a rainbow fall straight down over the cottage roof!

And with a bit of editing trickery to bring out the second rainbow on the right of the first:

See the wet weather is not all that bad........ Oooo did I type that out loud? ;-)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Fly with me to the moon

Or when you can see it, as Devon is just a tad cloudy, windy & wet, but last night the moon said hello & I replied back with the click of my camera:


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Totally Confused

I've gone green!  Plus just updated the new edit feature.  Where am I?  Who am I?  Why am I back to blogger?  Good question.  I've been forced here, forced away from a place I love by dictatorship, I hope that ship sinks in a rough tide!

But am I happy to be back?  I'll tell you later.

Am I happy anyway?  I'll tell you later.

Do I want to be happy?  Of course, everyone wants to be happy.

Instead of the usual blah blah news, here's an interview I've just conducted with myself:

Hello & welcome back to blogger Miss Clark, tell me, why did you decide to stop posting here?

Life just got in the way, moving house was one of them, it was a hard road & blogger & me just didn't find the time for each other.

Then why do you suddenly have more time for blogger now?

It's got to the point where I need to type out my rants, something I can't seem to do without being told off elsewhere, I have a role to play elsewhere where I cannot be human, I'm conditioned to rule & govern like a robot, not as a human being with feelings & emotions.

Could you tell us what this place is?

No I'm afraid not, would dearly love to though, but you never know 'who' would be reading this!

Quite so


How's the artist life?

Oh you know, doesn't move very quickly, especially now I'm favouring oil paint over the rest, takes so long to dry, then I run out of drying space & have to sit idle.  I've had a few exhibitions, sold a few from there & my website, haven't broken into main stream yet though, still lack the confidence even though I receive raving reviews from strangers - one day!

And I see from your date of birth you recently turned 30, how does that feel?

I'm not 30, how dare you say such a thing!  I didn't have a Birthday this year! ;0)  I feel no different!

Are you missing London?

Yes & no, I worry that if I were to think about it in great detail then yes, I would miss it terribly, so I stop myself from remembering places, remembering people & just remembering memories.  Devon is a very beautiful part of the world, & I think I'm very lucky to have experienced city life & now to be experiencing country life, it gives one a lot more wisdom!

Are you still taking lots oh photographs?

Oh yes, still clicker happy, I shall post some later on.  I still have plans to sell prints, again, one day!

Finally, are you now here to stay on blogger?

For the moment, yes I am, even if people don't read what I say, I find it very helpful & relaxing to get my jumbled feelings down into this little white box, once they've left my fingers, I feel a great weight has left me, it's hard to explain, it's great therapy!

One small thing, are you going to continue at the other place?

The jury is out on that one.

Thank you for your time & honest replies.

My pleasure, what's the time?  Almost time for drink o'clock!


To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy.

There's not enough of that in life. And to me that is the word which should be used more often.

Recently I started a campaign to get this word 'used' & I channeled my first efforts direct to Chris Packham who is currently presenting AutumnWatch on BBC2, Friday nights at 8:30pm. I follow him on Twitter, just like 1,896 other people & a few of us on there asked him direct to use the word *Swoon* on Autumnwatch * he did - THREE times, there was almost a 4th. Behold the power of the *Swoon*.

Note: Hello again, it's been a while, Feb 09, oh deary me! I'm very impressed with myself that I've been able to remember how to do links!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Blackbird in the snow!

Yes that's right - that white stuff that Devon never gets - as in ever! At first it was a dusting & I was jumping up & down saying it was no fair but then come midday there was a blizzard! LOL And the snow is still there!

So many finches today - all starving!

Had to get a Robin in the snow!

It's been very busy today!

Song thrush - rather tame!

Little & large - Goldfinch & Robin

My snow cat, but it's ear melted!

Cottage around 3pm

Cottage around 5pm!

Amazing skies against the snow!

The Old Smithy - the house we 'should' have moved into by now!

Beech trees in the snow - lovely!

My beloved Scots Pine!


My friend's farm

My dad!

Sorry I haven't been posting much - so busy elsewhere all the time - but had to post these photos! :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hot & Cold & Good News

Hot - hmmm - sunset hot!!!!

Cold - hmmm -frost cold! The lovely intricate patterns on my car yesterday morning:

Good news? I'll be 'Home' for Christmas!

Emy xxx